First ‘Alien: Covenant’ Set Photo Debuts Online

By April 27, 2016

As Neill Blomkamp’s highly-anticipated Alien 5 was put on hold until this film’s release, there’s a lot of expectations that director Ridley Scott’s Alien: Covenant will have to live up to in order to feel worth it in the end. The second installment in the director’s Prometheus prequel trilogy, the film follows the crew of the Covenant, who happen upon the planet from Prometheus intially believing it to be paradise, with its sole living inhabitant being David, an android, (Michael Fassbender) until they discover some of the other horrifying secrets surrounding them. The film has assembled a fairly amazing cast for itself over the past few months as well (which isn’t an unusual thing for one of Scott’s films) including Katherine Waterston, Demian Bichir, Danny McBrideand more. Now, with production on the film set to begin in Australia, the first set photo from Covenant has been released, focusing on the crew patch of the new ship: 13055948_10154049418321605_7102826628752145944_o Obviously, the photo isn’t much, and it’s certainly not nearly as compelling as some of the more recent concept art released from Blomkamp’s intended Alien sequel. However, with an amazing cast and the return of the Alien name to the franchise, it’s an exciting project nonetheless. Even if no one really knows what the hell to even expect from it at this point, after some conflicting comments from Scott himself a few months ago, and an even more confusing series of announcements. At least we know we’ll get to see the return of a facehugger onscreen again, right? Alien: Covenant is set to hit theatres on August 4th, 2017. Make sure to keep checking back for more updates — right here on GeekNation.

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  • David Johnson

    I’ve been an Alien Fan since the original & enjoyed Prometheus story arc just going to miss Noomi Rapace she’s an amazing actor.