First Trailer for ‘Blended’ Looks Just as Awful as Adam Sandler’s Other Recent Work

By December 18, 2013

Blended screenshot

Adam Sandler has been in a creative rut since Judd Apatow’s Funny People was released in 2009. That film lampooned the type of high concept garbage comedies Sandler had made in the past, and the actor seemed to have a sense of self-awareness about his career trajectory that made Apatow’s film work on multiple levels. But soon after that movie came out, Sandler returned to making exactly the same kind of crap that Funny People made fun of. The actor was recently listed as the most overpaid actor of 2013 by Forbes, and it’s because he’s been able to command high-end paychecks for cinematic junk like Jack & Jill, That’s My Boy, and the Grown Ups movies.

Guess what? He’s at it again. Here’s the new trailer for Blended, a movie being billed as a “comedy” that co-stars Drew Barrymore.

It’s pretty obvious to me that Sandler has traded self-respect for cash and the freedom to travel the world whenever he wants with a bunch of his friends. If he’s able to sleep at night, good for him. I just find it hard to believe that a guy who would take the role he did in Funny People could justify resorting to making nothing but these kinds of movies for the rest of his career.

Sandler used to make some interesting choices in his work. Now the only choice he’s making is what foreign locale he wants to go to next, and which of his buddies he wants to bring along for the ride. I think we’ve lost the “real” Adam Sandler for good.

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  • Dave P

    It’s amazing to hear your opinion, because it is so completely in line with my own. When I saw Grown ups, I left the theater with the same feeling I have after sitting through an evening of watching the neighbor’s latest vacation home videos. It was as if Sandler decided to take his buddy’s on a nice trip and get us, the viewing audience to foot the bill. Is this the actor’s version of talking business at a high in restaurant to justify an IRS write off? This latest movie, “Blended” appears not to even have enough entertainment value to fill up a 90 second trailer. There is nothing in promo that would make anyone put out dollars for a ticket. Just Garbage!