First Trailer for ‘Prisoners’ Depicts a Parent’s Worst Nightmare

By May 31, 2013

Joining the respected ranks of guys like Liam Neeson in Taken and Harrison Ford in half of his whole filmography, Hugh Jackman is on the hunt for his family in the first trailer for his new film, Prisoners.

Take a look (via EW):

Yikes. I don’t even have kids, but seeing that shot of the brake light on that RV scared the crap out of me and gave me a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach. Jackman looks like he’s absolutely boiling over with frustrated rage in this movie, so I’m sure we’ll get a killer performance from him. And how about Paul Dano, looking creepy as hell? In other news, if anyone has any idea what the hell is up with Jake Gyllenhaal’s hair here, please drop me a line and let me know.

Speaking of Gyllenhaal, his character is named Detective Loki, and considering that Loki (aside from being the villain of Thor and The Avengers) is known as a trickster god, we’re guessing there’s more to his character than meets the eye. Is he the one orchestrating the kidnapping? I really hope not, because if he is, then I just figured out the movie based almost solely on his character’s name.

Let’s hope that the film has a few twists and turns saved up that won’t be given away in upcoming marketing materials, but I’m excited (in a sort of scared way) to see this when it hits theaters on September 20th, 2013. How about you?

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