Five Characters That Just Wouldn’t Stay Dead

By September 5, 2012

The beauty of science fiction and fantasy is that there’s always a way back from the dead. Here are five characters that just wouldn’t let something as silly as dying keep them down.

Jack Harkness (Doctor Who/Torchwood)

Death Count: How many times Captain Jack has died remains a mystery, but, thanks to episode 2×12 of Torchwood, “Fragments,” we know it’s at least 1,392 times.

How He Survived: In the Doctor Who episode 1×13, Parting of Ways, Rose Tyler merged with the Time Vortex, giving her infinite power. She brought Jack back to life but, unable to control her power, accidentally made him immortal. Jack was even able to come back to life after being blown apart by a bomb.

Final Death: It is hinted at the end of Doctor Who’s third season that Jack Harkness eventually becomes the Face of Boe, an ancient creature that finally dies 5 billion years in the future. Whether Jack and the Face of Boe are truly one and the same, however, remains unconfirmed.

The Doctor (Doctor Who)

Death Count: 12

How He Survived: Thanks to a quirk of his alien biology, the Doctor can cheat death by rewriting every cell in his body and becoming a new man. He has undergone this process (known as regeneration) 10 times to date, and was revived once through CPR.

Final Death: The Doctor appeared to have been permanently killed mid-regeneration during Doctor Who’s sixth season. This was later revealed to be an elaborate ruse.

The Halliwell Sisters (Charmed)

Death Count: Prue died 3 times, Paige managed 8 deaths, and Piper and Phoebe died a whopping 9 times each.

How They Survived: Magic, genie wishes, time travel, and the healing powers of their guardian angel all kept the Charmed Ones alive and battling demons over eight years.

Final Death: Prue’s third death, at the hands of a demonic assassin, was her last. The other three sisters managed to survive the series.

Daniel Jackson (Stargate: SG-1)

Death Count: 7

How He Survived: Daniel was revived from death multiple times by alien entities, and once temporarily ascended to another realm to cheat death.

Final Death: None. Daniel’s deaths were never final.

Buffy Summers (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)

Death Count: 4

How She Survived: Resuscitation and magic brought Buffy back to life from deaths both mystical and natural.

Final Death: An alternate reality version of Buffy is killed in a fight with the Master. Despite drowning, flat-lining, and three months in the grave, the Buffy Summers of the real world was never permanently killed.

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