Ford and Chewbacca Finally Set Aside Their Differences on Jimmy Kimmel

By November 24, 2015

Jimmy Kimmel always kills it with his various sketches especially when it comes to relating them to pop culture. Recently he had Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd on reprising their roles of Marty McFly and Doc Brown commemorating the 30th Anniversary of Back to the Future, so with the approaching release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens he has turned his focus on a galaxy far far away.

Kimmel is also able to bring out the best in Harrison Ford. We saw just a few weeks ago Ford dressed up as a hot dog having fun and giving a genuine interview with Kimmel about the new Star Wars film. This week Kimmel brought back Ford to help settle a feud with an old friend, Chewbacca. If you don’t know, Ford and Chewbacca appeared on Kimmel’s show a few years ago and we learned a startling secret. Chewie had an affair with Ford’s wife causing a rift between the two. Well, Kimmel hoped to repair that rift between the them and remind Ford how close the two once were with a little help from Adele. Check out the reunion below.

That was brilliant! Those flashbacks of the good times between Ford and Chewie accompanied by Adele’s ‘Hello’ was hilarious, and then add in the use of the various Star Wars scores was perfection. I’m also glad to see that Harrison keeps popping up in things like these because it shows me that he’s having fun and is enjoying the Star Wars ride once again. I think anytime Harrison Ford has to do an interview on late night television he should stick with Kimmel as those are always extremely fun to watch. They play so well with his rough side but are still able to bring out the joy and have fun on the show. But most importantly I’m glad to see that Han and Chewie have resolved their differences 😉

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Christopher Skalicky
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