Fox Developing ‘Lethal Weapon’ TV Series

By October 2, 2015

If you’re of the opinion that Hollywood has officially run out of ideas, you may want to skip this article. You’ve been warned.

Variety is reporting that Fox is developing a TV series based on Lethal Weapon, the hit 80’s action flick that spawned three sequels.

The TV incarnation revolves around the unlikely partnership between a former Navy SEAL and Texas cop who moves to Los Angeles after the death of his wife and baby and winds up teamed with an LAPD detective who must avoid stress at any cost because of a heart condition.

Cue the “Getting too old for this s***” jokes.

Sure, shows based on old movies are kind of the rage these days. Fox recently began airing Minority Report (to mixed reviews), CBS has Limitless, and ABC’s got an Uncle Buck show in the works (wait…what???). A franchise as revered as Lethal Weapon, particularly the first film, makes a sensible candidate to get the small screen treatment.

But…I mean…come on.

I know it’s not exactly kosher to say nice things about Mel Gibson these days, but his turn as Martin Riggs is one of the greatest performances in action film history. And Danny Glover as Murtaugh?! Forget about it. So this show has two options, neither of which are good. Either you cast two other actors to somehow replace Gibson and Glover in these iconic roles, OR you base the show around characters who aren’t Riggs and Murtaugh, in which case IT’S NOT LETHAL WEAPON. You can make a perfectly good action buddy cop TV show without trying to ride the coattails of a hit movie that came out 28 years ago.

This is a bad idea. This is a very bad idea. I’m not getting too old for this s***, this s*** is just getting old.

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Joe Ruggirello
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  • David Johnson

    Sounds like someone forgot they were suppose to pitch a show idea, after a tequila fuel Cabo weekend!!!