Fox Renews ‘The Last Man on Earth’ with Will Forte for Second Season

By April 9, 2015

After debuting earlier this year, Fox will be giving the freshman comedy series “The Last Man on Earth” more time on the planet.

Today the network announced that the comedy series created by 21 Jump Street and The LEGO Movie directing duo Phil Lord & Chris Miller and “Saturday Night Live” veteran Will Forte will be getting a second season.

For those who don’t know, the series follows Will Forte as Phil Miller, who appears to be the last man on the planet after some kind of global catastrophe has taken place, leaving him to roam the United States, hoarding priceless art, Michael Jordan’s jersey and a Tyrannosaurs Rex skull, just to name a few things he’s taken to his new mansion in Tucson, Arizona. If you haven’t watch the show, I wouldn’t recommend reading anymore, because I’ll dive into some spoilers regarding the future of the show.

Last Man on Earth - Will Forte - Kristen Schaal

As we now know, Forte was literally the last man on Earth for only a few episodes. However, he wasn’t the last person on Earth as he thought, because Kristen Schaal came into his life, and the two ended up getting married for better or worse, in order to repopulate the world.

But then things got complicated for Phil when January Jones show up as Carol, who doesn’t want to come between he and his new wife. And just when Phil finally got to a place where he could put that whole matrimony nonsense behind him and lay with the woman he loved, “some friggin’ fat guy” named Todd (Mel Rodriguez) showed up to steal his thunder.

And so now we’re following these two couples as they attempt to build some semblance of a civilization, with Phil screwing up and making an ass of himself at every turn. So where will the end of the first season leave things in order to lead into the second season? It’s not shocking anymore to have someone else new show up in Tucson, so there needs to be some kind of gamechanger to keep the momentum going.

Honestly, as a huge fan of Forte and anything that Lord & Miller are churning out, I’ll stick with the show as long as it’s on the air, but I wonder what the next step is for the comedy series to continue the story but not get stale. There’s just a few more episodes left, so catch up and tune in on Sundays on Fox.

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  • LesterSDavidson

    lmao is this even worth a second season? what am i kidding of course it is

  • MarkDLesniak

    I thought it was going to be some cheesey hipster lame stuff but as it went on I really enjoyed the twists and turns though they were minor


    this is life

  • Mcdonald

    if it werent for Forte this show would be doomed to say the least