Frank Grillo Teases a Possible Crossbones Return After ‘Captain America: Civil War’

By July 4, 2016

Crossbones’ role in Captain America: Civil War was brief, but effective. Not only providing the reason for the Avengers’ mission at the beginning of the movie, but also managing to reintroduce Steve’s torn relationship with Bucky and his duty, and then killing himself in an attempt to not only take Steve Rogers down with him, but also leave behind a massive crater in the streets around them. Something that was minimized by Elizabeth Olsen’s Scarlet Witch, but still managed to provide the final reason behind the movie’s Sokovia Accords.

Crossbones’ death seemed pretty straightforward as well, especially considering we even got one brief shot of him burning alive in the fire of his own explosives. However, it seems like Frank Grillo doesn’t see Crossbones’ exit as clearly as we might have, teasing a possible return from the character in the MCU.

While speaking with ABC News, Grillo mentioned that the lack of a body in the film, could lead some fans to wonder if Crossbones really died in that explosion or not:

“You think he dies, don’t you? Did you see the body? What did you see?”

The actor even went on to reference Crossbones’ uncanny ability to make it out of tough situations, as was proven at the end of The Winter Soldier:

“That happened last time. I’m not saying anything except that…you didn’t see a body.”

So I really have no idea how the character could have survived that particularly “death” at the beginning of Civil War, but it wouldn’t be the first time that a comic book character has come back to life through some unexplained or mysterious ways. Including in the Marvel Cinematic Universe itself even, which has proven to be resistant when it comes to killing off characters and actors.

Grillo has signed a multiple-picture deal with the studio of course, as all of the actors do, but whether or not we see Crossbones again onscreen will be entirely up to the creative team over at Marvel Studios. Apparently though, fans shouldn’t write off the possibility for now, at the very least.

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Alex Welch

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