Fred Armisen Named Band Leader for ‘Late Night with Seth Meyers’

By February 10, 2014

Seth Meyers has already said goodbye to “Saturday Night Live,” and while the first promo for “Late Night with Seth Meyers” joked that the show wasn’t quite ready, the premiere on February 24th is inching closer. Now one more piece of the show has fallen into place.

Today Seth Meyers announced on Twitter (via TV Line) that the band for the late night talk show would be led by another “Saturday Night Live” veteran, fellow comedian Fred Armisen.

Here’s the tweet Meyers posted with the announcement:

Meyers also posted, “Fred will curate and lead the band, and continue to run it even when he’s off shooting ‘Portlandia.’” It’s good to know that there will still be a cool “Late Night” house band in Studio 8G since The Roots are heading over to “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.”

Armisen and Meyers have been good friends since their “SNL” days, and the former even stopped by Meyers’ farewell show during Weekend Update. Armisen’s presence likely means he’ll be involved with a fair amount of comedy on the show, but we won’t expect anything on the same lever as their “SNL” silliness all the time. Armisen is also known for his musical talents, and he even performed at the Live Read of Anchorman last year.

What do you think about Armisen as the new “Late Night” band leader?

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Ethan Anderton
Some of his favorite films include Ghostbusters, The Empire Strikes Back and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, while his favorite TV series include LOST, Mad Men, 30 Rock, Parks & Recreation, Arrested Development and Saturday Night Live.
  • That’s pretty frickin’ awesome.

  • Ryan

    Interesting choice. I didn’t expect that.

  • Michael5437788

    So cool, I love Fred…Had no idea he could play…Im allready a fan!!

  • jamesPMorey334