Friday Flashback: I Hate Everyone

By September 21, 2012

Okay, admittedly I started the day with a spring in my step; last night, my awesome boss told me I could sleep in and I knew EXACTLY what story I was gonna write about for today…

Then I woke up and tried to work, which is when my laptop and everything else under the sun decided to mess up my Christmas…grr.

Enter one of the finest songs ever crafted: I Hate Everyone by Get Set Go (from the 2006 album, Ordinary World).

This indie band from Highland Park, CA formed back in 2003 and with Michael Torres (a.k.a. “Mike TV”) as their scribe, Get Set Go is known for their seamless blend of angst and slightly obscenity filled lyrics with catchy melodies that you’d automatically expect pocketfuls of sunshine or whatevs…which is why it’s so devilishly brilliant.

GSG’s been featured on Weeds and the radio-friendly version of this song can be found on volume 2 of the Grey’s Anatomy original soundtrack…but as I’ve never heard the clean version and I enjoy a creative string of obscenities set to guitar and strings, you’re getting the original NSFW version.

ENJOY! Now, remember – NSFW (but SOOOO worth it). As there’s no official video for this song, I found one with the lyrics attached so’s you can sing along (which you totes should, it’s WAY cathartic).


I love this song so much that I look for it in karaoke song books whenever out.

For more info on Get Set Go and how you can catch one of their shows, you can check out their official website, “like” them on Facebook and follow them (@GetSetGoBand) on Twitter!

Uber thanks to Mike TV for crafting a song that NEVER grows old and pal Chris Gore for turning me on to this a few years back…if I had my own show, this would be the theme song.


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