FX Picks Up ‘Ali G: Rezurection’ & Gives Sacha Baron Cohen First Look Deal

By November 2, 2013

Da Ali G Show

After launching his career on the big screen with Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan, comedian Sacha Baron Cohen has moved away from the hidden camera antics and become more comfortable in traditional narrative films. But soon, the beginnings of Cohen’s career will be revived on the small screen.

FX has just announced that they have picked up “Ali G: Rezurection,” which includes all of the episodes from “Da Ali G Show” that debuted in the United Kingdom in 2003. And along with that pick-up, FX has also struck up a first-look TV deal with Cohen’s Four By Two production company to develop new series for the network and their new endeavor FXX.

Now you might be thinking to yourself, “‘Da Ali G Show’ already aired here in the United States on HBO.” However, the cable network only aired 12 of the 18 total episodes that Cohen produced and aired in the United Kingdom. “Ali G: Rezurection” will feature all the episodes that didn’t air in the United States, so we’re getting the whole series treatment finally. In addition, each episode will feature a new introduction from Cohen himself.

Da Ali G Show - Borat

For those who aren’t familiar with “Da Ali G Show,” it’s not dissimilar from what we’ve seen in Cohen’s films Borat and Bruno. In fact, both of those characters make up two-thirds of the characters featured on the show who pose as journalists conducting interviews with unsuspecting people. The third is the title character Ali G, the self-proclaimed “voice of da yoof,” who Wikipedia eloquently describes as being characterized by exaggerated British African-Caribbean and hip hop cultures, with some American urban influences thrown in for good measure.

In addition to all episodes of “Da Ali G Show,” FX has also picked up all of the Ali G segments and vignettes from “The 11 O’clock Show.All of this comedy goodness will air on FX’s new sister network FXX, which is now the new home of “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” and more. If you haven’t seen any of Cohen’s original TV comedy, you’re in for a treat. The revamped episodes will begin airing in early 2014.

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