FX Renews ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’ for Two More Seasons and Lines Up New Scripts From Rob McElhenney, Charlie Day, and Glenn Howerton

By April 4, 2014

The sun will stay shining in the City of Brotherly Love for a few more years as FX has just announced a renewal for an 11th and 12th season (at 10 episodes each) of their hit comedy series “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia,” which now calls the new FXX channel its home. But that’s not all.

The renewal of “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” is somewhat historic, because it has now become the longest-running live-action comedy series in cable history, and it has also tied the classic “My Three Sons” as the second longest running live-action comedy in the history of television in general. And FX wants to keep some of the cast around for a little while longer with a new deal that also includes new projects.

The network (via Deadline) has announced a three-year deal at FX Productions for Rob McElhenney, Charlie Day, and Glenn Howerton and their RCG Productions banner, and apparently it’s bigger than their previous three-year deal at FX in 2011 which netted the trio $50 million. And part of the new deal includes a prime premiere spot for a new series from the trio that stars comedian Tracy Morgan.

Tracy Morgan - Karate

The new series is currently untitled, but it will premiere after the upcoming 10th season of “It’s Always Sunny.” There’s a catch, though: rather than premiering in the fall like the previous seasons, fans will have to wait for the new season of “Sunny” to begin in January of 2015. The aforementioned Tracy Morgan series will premiere right after that and has already been given a 10-episode series order.

In addition, FX has also ordered a pilot and scripts for three new comedy series from RCG Productions. The new projects include a show called “Harder” written by Glenn Howerton and Scott Marder, “Blow Up Dolls” written by and starring British comedian and writer Sarah Solemani, and “We’re Good, Thanks” written by Charlie Day along with his wife Mary Elizabeth Ellis and Artemis Pebdani, who are frequent guest stars of “It’s Always Sunny” as The Waitress and Artemis, respectively.

It’s not yet clear what any of these new series are about, but coming from the gang behind one of the funniest comedies on television, you can bet we’ll be checking them out whenever they hit the small screen.

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