Gadot On Wonder Woman Costume: ‘It Was Very, Very, Very Tight’

By November 20, 2016


Over the past few decades, numerous comic book characters have appeared in cinematic form. But translating the colorful costumes from page to screen can sometimes be a challenge – especially for the person wearing them.

While most might agree Gal Gadot looks fantastic in her Wonder Woman gear, the actress had a few things to say about her experience donning the armor.

Speaking to fans at Rhode Island Comic Con last weekend, Gadot was asked how it felt to step into the costume for the very first time (via

“Tight. Very, very, very tight. The very first time I tried the costume on was three days after I got cast. They flew me to Michigan, and I got into this huge hangar with tons of white walls covered with posters of me as Wonder Woman. I got into the room and I couldn’t stop looking at the posters. And then, when they wanted me to try on the costume – because I was so excited that they cast me for the role – I couldn’t say anything; I couldn’t breathe, but I was like, ‘That’s OK. That’s fine.'”

Ultimately, Gadot required a few alterations in order to perform some of the action sequences while shooting Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and now she’s thrilled with the results, telling fans that she loves the costume.

“I think it complements Wonder Woman very much so as being the greatest warrior out there. And now it’s much more comfortable.”

Gadot is the first actress to portray the fearsome Amazonian warrior on the big screen, although Wonder Woman has appeared in numerous animated films, and also was featured in a live-action television series starring Lynda Carter in the late 1970s.

Audiences will have another opportunity to see Gadot suited up next summer when the standalone Wonder Woman film battles its way into theaters on June 2.

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