‘Gambit’ Movie Delayed Once Again

By March 30, 2016

Man, Fox cannot catch a break with this one.

After having to publicly struggle to completely sign Channing Tatum on as the titular role (despite the fact that he had seemed all on board for the project intially) Fox’s planned Gambit standalone film hit yet another roadblock after losing original director Rupert Wyatt, who cited creative, budgetary, and scheduling differences with the studio.

Then it had seemed like the project had finally caught a break after landing Edge of Tomorrow filmmaker Doug Liman at the helm. Turns out, we were wrong.

TheWrap is reporting that Fox has once again delayed the Gambit film, as Liman has signed on to direct The Wall for Amazon Studios in the meantime, based on the 2014 Black List script written by Dwain Worrell, which focuses on a highly-trained sniper and his spotter being pinned down by an even more dangerous sniper while on a mission in China, which sounds like something totally up Liman’s alley.

According to the report, Fox is still working on and tinkering with the Gambit script, which is the cause behind the film’s delay, and whether or not that’s good or bad news is well, kind of a mystery at the moment, though after all the problems the project has already faced, I have a hard time believing it’s a good thing.

Nonetheless, The Wall sounds like something in Liman’s wheelhouse, where Gambit seemed like a bit of a stretch in the first place, but all in all – it sounds like we’ll have to wait quite a bit longer than expected before we see the beloved X-Men character given a treatment on the big screen again. At this point though, that may end up being for the best in the end.

The Gambit film is currently in development at Fox.

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  • David Johnson

    Love the Character but Lead Actor & Director make Me believe this is going to be a Straight To DVD Film!!!!