‘Game of Thrones’ Creators React to IMAX Screening

By January 28, 2015

This morning, EW just released a brand new exclusive interview with the creators of “Game of Thrones” for its upcoming IMAX screening, and they’re right to be impressed.

The creators are definitely enthused by the effort that’s gone into remastering the shows to fit on the biggest media format available, and talk a lot about how it offers a massive visual enhancement to the watching experience.

I’m still kind of in shock,” Weiss said in the above exclusive clip after watching a private preview screening. “It’s a completely different viewing experience, one that’s so immersive and so superior.

As we’ve reported previously, HBO and IMAX worked together to convert two episodes of the hit series into the proprietary IMAX format, which on film uses massive 70mm stock that can literally run a mile long if unspooled. The remastering work is extensive, and extracted an even greater amount of detail from the already high definition master of the show to stand up to the scrutiny of being on a screen that’s multiple stories tall.

Beyond that, the creators praised their artistic collaborators for making a show that’s worthy of such a massive presentation, while also recognizing one pivotal element in moving the exhibition area from your living room to a very powerful theater: the experience of watching with an engaged audience. Co-creator David Benioff said,

The communal experience of being surrounded by other people who are gasping at the same moments is the way it’s really meant to be seen. To feel like you’re there is just something you don’t get while watching on television.

The limited week-long “Game of Thrones” IMAX event begins this Thursday in select theaters, which you can find at this link. You may want to act quickly, as IMAX gives notice on their site that consumer demand for tickets is very high. The next season of the series debuts on HBO on April 12th.

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Chris Clow
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  • spambrando

    Well, I doubt anyone will be “gasping”, since I’m sure everyone that sees it in an IMAX theater has already seen it. I honestly don’t see the point of it. Had it been shown in the IMAX format at the same time as the broadcast, it would have been something. This stinks of desperate merchandising.

  • Pedro Roa

    Yes I’m going tonight in Miami

  • Mikey Silva

    I can only imagine how amazing that must look. at the time this happened a few months ago I had absolute no idea it was happening.. :/ but to be honest I agree with what @spambrando:disqus said too..