‘Game Of Thrones,’ ‘Doctor Who’ Actor Neil Fingleton Dies At 36

By February 26, 2017

A 7-foot-7 actor who played brief but memorable roles in Doctor Who and Game of Thrones died Saturday after reportedly suffering heart failure.

Neil Fingleton, who grew up in the small British city of Durham, was 36.

Fingleton played Mag the Mighty during the fourth season of Game of Thrones, a giant brought down during the assault on The Wall in “The Watchers on the Wall.” He also played the Fisher King alongside Peter Capaldi in the 2015 Doctor Who episode “Before the Flood.”

The basketball player-turned-actor had smaller roles in other films, including X-Men: First Class47 Ronin and Jupiter Ascending.

Fingleton was Britain’s tallest man, according to The Mirror, a title he earned by growing less than an inch taller than the previous record holder, Christopher Greener.

Neil Fingleton was born Dec. 18, 1980, in Durham. As a teenager, he moved to Massachusetts so he could play basketball, playing center for Holy Name Central Catholic in Worcester.

Fingleton would sign to play with the University of North Carolina in 2000, but a back injury allowed him to only play one game, and he would later transfer to College of the Holy Cross back in his adopted Massachusetts town.

He entered the NBA undrafted, and played for the league’s American Basketball Association until finally retiring in 2007.

Fingleton once told the Guinness World Records website that he came from a family of tall people – but it was not something he ever felt self-conscious about. His oldest sister is 6-foot-3, while his older brother is 6-foot-8. Even his parents and grandparents were tall, standing above six feet.

Fingleton said he reached 7 feet by the time he was 11, and was at 7-foot-5 by 16.

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