‘Game of Thrones’ Hodor Reveal Didn’t Spoil The Books After All, According to George R. R. Martin

By May 24, 2016

Warning: This post will contain spoilers for Game of Thrones, if you’re still not caught up.

Last week’s episode of Game of Thrones left viewers struggling to catch their breath with the final fifteen minutes of the episode not only featuring a shocking and nailbiting attack from The Night’s King and his Whitewalker brethren on Bran, Meera, and the Three-Eyed Raven, but also finally revealed the origins of Hodor’s disability, as he gave his life, holding the door against a horde of Wights in order to save his friends.

Fans were left with a brief moment of comfort as well, when it was revealed in the post-Thrones featurette that showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss did in fact get the “Hold the Door” explanation from Thrones creator, George R. R. Martin, though apparently, the reveal still didn’t spoil the explanation in the coming books, the author has revealed.

While recently attending an event for author Joe Hill (via Vanity Fair), GRRM reportedly addressed the revelation, and how it will differ in the novels, as an attendee noted:

“Someone asked him about the show’s Hodor name reveal. He said that his name reveal in the books will differ in the context and how it happens. So while the name will still mean the same thing (Hold the Door), it will be very different from the show’s reveal.”

So while the name’s origin will still be the same, the circumstances in which the reveal happens will be different in the books apparently, which means that Hodor may have to hold the door against a very different threat than he did in last Sunday’s episode, which stays in line with what Benioff and Weiss have said about spoilers in the coming seasons as well. This could also mean though, that the Three-Eyed Raven may not meet his end quite as quickly as he does in the series, and Bran may not have quite the same interaction with The Night’s King either.

That seems to be the same with a number of the events and story beats happening from here on out though, including the still unwritten moment when Stannis will burn Shireen in the novels, which happened near the end of season five last year. Nonetheless, knowing that Hodor may have to hold the door for Bran in some other situation and context in the novels, can only make me wonder what GRRM might have up his sleeve still with a number of these characters, and just how different some of these events and reveals end up happening on the page, as opposed to how they do in the television series.

Game of Thrones airs every Sunday night on HBO. We honestly have no idea when the next book will be released.

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