‘Game of Thrones’ Images Focus on the Show’s Female Characters

By March 24, 2016

One of the best things about Game of Thrones is the way the female characters are often the ones with all of the real power in their hands. Whether it be Lena Headey’s villainous Cersei, who manipulates those around her in often frustrating ways, or Gwendoline Christie’s Brienne of Tarth, who’s not only one of the best fighters in Westeros, but has managed to defeat some of the biggest male characters in the series as well.

With exactly one month left until the fourth season premiere next month as well, Entertainment Weekly has released six new Thrones themed covers of their magazine, each focusing on one of the show’s most prominent female characters.

Feast your eyes on the new covers below:

arya resized brienne resized cersei resized dany resized margaery resized sansa resized

In addition to the covers, the outlet also released several new images of the actresses as well, and considering that practically every one of the characters featured here ended on a cliffhanger last season, it’s not hard to see why each character’s journey might end up being their most interesting yet:

arya 2 brienne 2 cersei 2 dany 2 margaery 2 queens sansa 2trio 2 trio

With Sansa just barely escaping the grasp of Ramsay Bolton last year, Arya being blinded in the House of Black and White, Brienne finally finding her revenge on Stannis, Margaery still trapped in prison, Dany lost in unknown, but familiar territory, and Cersei finally returned to her seat of power, each character is at a crossroads that they haven’t faced yet. Sophie Turner has previously said that this new season will be Sansa’s best yet, and considering all of the hardships she faced last season – it’s about damn time too.

Seeing how Dany reacts to being powerless for the first time in a long time will be an interesting arc for her to hopefully take this season, as she’s returned to not only the Dothraki culture, but a place similar to where we first met her, although this time with some much more experience and wisdom to guide her this time around. This entire new season is going full force into uncharted territory though, so I guess it wouldn’t be fitting, if the characters weren’t facing the same dilemma.

Game of Thrones season 6 will premiere on HBO on April 24th.

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