Game of Thrones Recap: Ep. 8: Second Sons

By May 20, 2013

YES! This episode, am I right? There were some incredible lines, Tyrion AND Dany scenes, and a horrifying moment that wasn’t about Theon torture (Sorry, Gendry!)…plus a wedding! What more could you ask for? I have a feeling from now on every episode will be more awesome than the last. And by awesome I mean gut-wrenching in every way. Oh, “GOT”…why you gotta do us like this?

First up we have a little Arya/Hound scene. Arya has to reconcile herself to the fact that maybe the Hound ain’t so bad after all.  Don’t worry Arya! The Hound is actually taking you to your Uncle’s wedding…NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT THERE!

Cut to the city of Yunkai. Dany is taking a meeting with the leader of a sellsword for hire group called The Second Sons. He’s basically a total a-hole, treats Dany like a whore and asks to see her naked. Because underestimating Dany always goes so well for sexist pigs.

Later that night The Seconds Sons discuss Dany’s offer and whores, and then draw coins to see who will get to kill her. The lucky guy is…Daario. “I’d let him sell me his sword any day!”–Every lady watching.

Meanwhile…in Dragonstone. Stannis, more and more unsure about Melisandre’s actions, goes to Davos for advice. Davos! Love him. Without the go ahead to just kill Gendry, Melisandre comes up with another plan to get that king’s blood. And aw man is it crazy. Like Melisandre crazy. First Gendry’s all like ‘Heee-ey!”

Then he’s all like “WTF!?”. I’m betting that’s not what he was thinking when Melisandre said she wanted to suck on his…well you know. LEECHES!

But enough of that old black magic..let’s dig into some juicy King’s Landing action, shall we?

The Sansa/Tyrion wedding is upon us and Tyrion is in full-on awesome mode this episode as he tries to comfort his bride-to be. Sansa, do you have any idea how lucky you are!?!

Also in full-on awesome mode this episode is Cersei. And by awesome, I mean bitch! This line was everything to me last night:

Actually this line was everything to me to:

Or maybe this post-wedding exchange was the best?

Nah! I think we all know the line of the night was: “Then you’ll be f–king your own bride with a wooden c–k.” SNAP!

But Tyrion is sweet Tyrion again when it comes to consummating his marriage to his child bride. I got the feels from this scene, you?

Back to Dany…who is bathing when Daarios comes in with a big knife. And a bag of heads. BOOM!

He really knows how to woo a girl. BUT IT WORKS! He pledges Dany his sword! She stands up. Everyone pauses their DVR.

And to finish this episode out…Sam kills a whitewalker:


What did you think of “Second Sons”? Let us know in the comments!

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Desi Jedeikin

Desi Jedeikin

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