‘Game of Thrones’ Showrunners Says Season 6 Will NOT Spoil The Books

By March 23, 2016

Last year, Game of Thrones caught up completely with George R. R. Martin’s novels, while also pushing further ahead with several characters’ storylines as well. Now, with no new book published before the upcoming season, each character has a legitimately limitless array of possibilities that they can take moving forwards, which just means more tension and surprise twists that fans can look forward to.

Apparently though, the new season won’t really spoil all that much from what George R. R. Martin has left to write, according to showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss at least, who say that the show is taking such different paths than the books, that there won’t really be all that much spoiled.

While speaking with EW recently, Benioff had the following to say about season 6’s book spoilers:

“People are talking about whether the books are going to be spoiled – and it’s really not true. So much of what we’re doing diverges from the books at this point. And while there are certain key elements that will be the same, we’re not going to talk so much about that – and I don’t think George is either. People are going to be very surprised when they read the books after the show. They’re quite divergent in so many respects for the remainder of the show.”

Weiss added:

“What makes the books so great is that George doesn’t make meticulous blueprints for every beat of this story and then fill in the blanks dutifully going from A to B to C, fleshing out an outline. At a certain point, we realized we were going to outpace the books and we kind of chose to see it as a great thing on both sides – there’s this amazing world George has created and now there are two different versions, and there’s no reason we can see why you can’t be thrilled and surprised and dismayed by both of these different versions of this world.”

I think that fans of the series sort of always knew, deep down, that the show would catch up with the books sooner or later, and since Martin hasn’t published The Winds of Winter yet, it’s just happening sooner than I think many had probably hoped. We already know several ways that the novels will be different than the show though, including one of season five’s key deaths, but the rest of the series, and what it will and won’t spoil, will be a mystery for the time being.

It’s hard to imagine that the series won’t contain any spoilers for the new books, especially since Benioff and Weiss already know the broad strokes of what’s to come in Martin’s world. But that doesn’t take away from the enjoyment of consuming each different medium and format in their entirety though, which I think is what both Weiss and Benioff are getting at here.

Game of Thrones season 6 will premiere on HBO on April 24th.

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