Game Review: Amateur Surgeon 3 Will Leave You In Stitches

By August 31, 2013

Adult Swim Games has never failed to disappoint their loyal gaming brethren by providing some pretty silly yet addictive free-to-play online and smartphone app flash game goodnes,s like Floater Pro, Sizzlefist, Hemp Tycoon, Viva Caligula, Robot Unicorn Attack, Super Monsters Ate My Condo, and of course, the reason for the season, the Amateur Surgeon series.


The latest, appropriately titled Amateur Surgeon 3: Tag Team Trauma, takes all we know about AS and turns it up to 11. In AS3, you assume the role of Ophelia Payne, a rookie surgeon thrust into a very odd map, having to traverse six very different locations and having to perform 20+ life-saving surgeries using the most non-traditional surgical tools (pizza cutter, stapler, car battery, chainsaw) while unraveling the mystery of why you’re there.

amateur surg3

Things you will most assuredly run into during your travels include:

– stupid criminals

– radioactive bats

– possibly a cannibal (as “cannibal” is part of his name)

– a transgendered robot

– mutated cultists



But don’t panic, for you have the opportunity to earn/buy 8 tag-team surgical partners who each have their own unique (and bizarre) skill sets like Mr. Giblets (above), a genetically-enhanced pug who can increase the health of your patient with a single green, medicated ooze-filled lick.

As with any F2P, there is a slight downside, and that downside is known as the micro-transaction (a.k.a. “buying shiz to help you level up”). BUT unlike games like Candy Crush Saga (where you can find yourself spending upwards of $20 in a flash and STILL fail to beat the level), I’ve found that I’m okay with progressing through the levels/surgeries without feeling the need to buy anything after using up my three “blood packs” (a.k.a. “lives”) and walking away from the game while waiting for the packs to recharge themselves.

Let’s break it down:

Visuals – 9.0


Whether you play on iPhone or iPad, the colors are sharp and easy to find points of extraction or repair. Also…BATS, people. BATS.

Sound – 7.0

To be quite honest, I HATE playing mobile games with the sound if it’s just the same song played over and over and that’s kind of the case here.

Controls – 9.0


All you need is ONE finger (or stylus if you’re feeling adventurous) to play this game; don’t get no easier than that, folks. Just be sure when extracting items like these wooden spikes from Tammy here that you do it with a quick graceful swipe because in bonus games like Sudden Death (complete entire surgery without making a single mistake) a gingerly pull could cause you to lose grasp and kill the patient immediately.

Gameplay – 8.5

SUPER fun game. It’s easy to learn but your skills are put to the test and you may find yourself stuck on the same surgery till you figure out that you don’t ALWAYS have to use whatever tool the AI tells you to. For example, they say use the pizza cutter to cut the poison bubbles then the vacuum to clean the mess, but you can cut out the middleman and just use the red syringe to suck out the toxin.

Replay Value – 9.0


This game DEFINITELY has replay value, thanks to the fact that you’ll find yourself stuck on some of the more difficult surgeries like Deceased Keith (above), who requires you to zap the stupid frogs with the car battery THEN set ablaze with a lighter before their poison farts (okay, so they’re clouds, but farts sounds better) snuff out the flame. Took me a couple hours using the tools they suggested but I consulted a forum and took the shortcut with the syringe. Unlike some frustrating F2Ps where you find yourself deleting them from your smartphone/tablet out of boredom or frustration, Adult Swim Games has always been great in keeping your interest and coming back again and again.

Overall – 8.5

The fact that I STILL have Amateur Surgeon 3 on both my iPhone and iPad and alternate gameplay on them (surprisingly, I’m doing WAY better on my iPhone game) daily is a testament to Adult Swim Games and knowing what their fans like and what’ll keep ’em coming back again and again. IF you choose to spend money on micro-transactions, that’s entirely up to you but if I were YOU, I’d hold off till you get to the fifth or sixth location.

It don’t get no better than free, so I highly recommend you scrub in and get to cuttin’!

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