Gamera Smashes New York Comic-Con With An Amazing Trailer

By October 8, 2015

Godzilla may be the best known Japanese kaiju (deservedly so), but he’s certainly not the only giant reptile to terrorize Tokyo. Since 1965, he’s had some minor competition in the form of Gamera, a giant flying turtle who breathes fire and is (usually) friend to all humanity. Though the Gamera films of the ’60s and ’70s were aimed directly at children (and are insanely cheesy and goofy), the character was revamped in the mid-90s courtesy of an awesome trilogy of films. His last appearance was 2006’s Gamera The Brave, and he hasn’t been heard from since. That all changed today.

Comic-cons are always full of pleasant surprises, and so far this year’s New York Comic-con’s biggest shock has been the return of Gamera. Yes, the creature who made for some of the best episodes of Mystery Science Theater 3000 is back and better than ever. Kodokawa Pictures released a 4 minute “pilot” film today as part of the Gamera 50th Anniversary panel at NYCC and it’s freaking badass! Check it out:

Face. Melted.

In much the same way Deadpool‘s test footage was “accidentally” leaked to test audience interest, the point of this short film is to whet the appetite of kaiju fans for an eventual (perhaps in 2016) film. If this is any indication of what that movie could look like, sign me up. I love the way it ties into the ending of Gamera 3, which is one of my favorite film endings ever. Whether this new movie would indeed tie into that incredible trilogy (seriously, if you’re a kaiju fan and have never seen it, you need to fix that NOW), or just start a new Gamera tale has yet to be announced. But one thing’s for sure, Godzilla isn’t the only giant monster getting a modern makeover. More Gamera now, please.

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Joe Ruggirello
Joe is a writer, retired comedian, and giant nerd. He's particularly fond of comic books, pro wrestling, and Godzilla. Oh, and that Star Wars thing. You can yell at him on Twitter @JoeRu23.
  • David Johnson

    Must now watch Modern Gamer Movies!!!!! I actually didn’t like the last Gozilla, but this looks COOL!!!!!

  • David Chandler

    Hey… Cool picture! Where did you get it from?