Garrett Hedlund May Play Captain Hook in Joe Wright’s Gritty ‘Pan’

By January 23, 2014

Garrett Hedlund

Who could possible fill the shoes of Captain Hook after Dustin Hoffman completely owned the role in Steven Spielberg’s unfairly maligned 1991 film Hook? If “Garrett Hedlund” is the first name to jump to mind, you might be a Warner Bros. executive.

Deadline reports that WB has offered Hedlund the role of a young Captain Hook in Joe Wright’s upcoming origin film Pan. We’ve written about this movie a few times, mostly in regards to who would play Blackbeard, the villainous pirate leading the charge against Pan and his band of Lost Boys. (Javier Bardem was initially offered that role, but then Hugh Jackman ended up replacing him.) In this version of the story, Hook and Pan are allies in the fight against Blackbeard, but then something happens at the end of the story that tears them apart and puts them at odds with each other.


Still no word on who the studio has in mind for the title role, but the studio reportedly looked at Ryan Gosling before moving on to Hedlund for the role of Captain Hook. The concept of Hedlund suiting up in pirate makeup makes a lot more sense to me than Gosling doing the same, and as much as I sort of hate to admit it, imagining the Tron: Legacy and On the Road actor getting involved in some swashbuckling swordplay with Hugh Jackman actually has me curious to see what Joe Wright can do with a story like this. Yes, the whole project still reeks of a desperate, unnecessary, name-recognition cash grab on Warner Bros.’ part. No, Garrett Hedlund isn’t exactly the most bombastic actor around. But for some weird reason – assuming, of course, that Wright nails the tone – this seems like it could actually work.


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  • Liat1938

    I guess Taylor Lautner wasnt available?

    • sarahevanston

      Was there supposes to be an lol after that? I don’t think it showed up! 🙂

  • sarahevanston

    Whoever they end up casting, I think it’s going to be a thrill ride of a movie but I am usually very partial to the fantasy pirate genre anyway.

  • Mary Lewallen

    Another pirate film and Hugh Jackman staring equals boring. I wouldn’t watch it if it was the last movie on earth. Not even mildly interested!

  • Adriana Rimini

    Garrett Hedlund as captain hook? Are you serious? I don`t know what will happen…. OMG