Gas Station Impulse Buys: Stacked Wine

By August 27, 2012

Come with me and you’ll be in a world of pure imagination…or weird gas station finds. Same smell.

Okay, so every now and then when I go to a gas station convenience store to buy a beverage or snack, I am sometimes distracted by “shiny things” a.k.a. “impulse buy” a.k.a. “take my money now.”

Latest impulse buy: Stacked wine

…and it is the weirdest thing I’ve bought from a gas station so far.

Stacked wine is basically four individual servings of wine which eliminates the “you got more wine than me” argument and possibly a fun way to make amuse bouche sangrias for a dinner party.


A zipper…clever girl.

Pull apart the interlocking glasses…

Then peel off the protective foil and enjoy!

Stacked uses what they like to call “Vinoware”, glasses made from high-quality plastic that is both shatterproof and lightweight – which means that not only can you drop it, each glass of wine is also oxidation/spoil-free AND the glasses are reusable!

C.J. and I both tried it and while I’m no huge fan of wine, it’s pretty tasty.

For more info about where you can find Stacked wines (and post a fun pic of you enjoying said wine) go here!

NOTE: Hey, we don’t condone underage drinking so don’t do it and for those of you who ARE of legal age, drink responsibly.

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