Geek Fashion: Scrunchies! The Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde of Hair

By July 25, 2012

If you’re like me, you’re gearing up for the 2012 Olympic games in London!  Events abound of course (and I’ll watch them all), but to me the marquee of the summer games has always been woman’s gymnastics.  I mean, who doesn’t love watching pocket sized tweens vault, swing and contort themselves into a variety of incomprehensible positions? Covered in glitter, their hair slicked back with more pomade than Elivs, and sporting multiple barrettes, the whole look tied together with a leotard and matching scrunchie.

Yes!  A scrunchie!  Folks – it’s that time again…. the rise of the scrunchie.  And what better place than to be highlighted upon America’s athletes heads?

Or perhaps you have taken notice of the omnipresent scrunchie donning Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s mane.

Hillary has embraced her love of the scrunchie over the years, owning several variations including pearl, sequined and a variety of leopard print bands.

This is, by the way, with no thanks to Hillary’s staff. Some of the aides have reportedly been trying to ban the device from her wardrobe for years.

But Hillary is pretty much a genius and as any smart woman knows, long hair plus pulled back look, plus scrunchie equals ease of styling and effective time management.  Nice!

Despite suffering a low blow by fashionista Carrie Bradshaw on “Sex in the City” in the infamous anti-scrunchie episode – “No self-respecting New York City Woman would be caught dead running around Manhattan in a scrunchie” – the hair accessory prevailed slander, working back into the mainstream over the years.

The scrunchie’s reemergence continued to stay the course, when in Spring of 2010 at Fashion Week in New York, designer Marc Jacobs prominently featured the scrunchie in his Spring line.  Riding proudly atop model’s heads, the scrunchie was (pun intended) back on top!  Since, Marc channeled his concept into the more manageable and simple logo featuring scrunching sold in places like Bloomingdales.

Providing more than fashion fodder, the scrunchie added to it’s repertoire with appearances in pop-culture, making its way from “Sex in the City” to both the needlepoint…

…and Meme worlds.

So I ask you, why not scrunchie?

Cheap, easily styled, and generally viewed as good for your hair, the scrunchie still seems to have a lot to offer.  Crafty personalities are bound to reinvent the scrunchie from time to time!  Elastic?  Check.  Fabric?  Check.  Googly eyes, Scrabble tiles, Rubix Cube squares, Steampunk goggles, Multi-Pass card, elastic, fabric, needle and thread? Scrunchie, your time again is upon us once again.

And for your viewing pleasure, me with some buds in high school… wearing a scrunchie.

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