GeekNation’s ‘The Movie Crypt’ Podcast: Filmmaking 101

By February 19, 2014

If you only come to GeekNation to read editorials, articles, reviews, TV recaps, or to get breaking entertainment news, you’re missing out on a bunch of great stuff we have available on the site. Along with our video shows, we also have a ton of podcasts on the site, and from uber geeky stuff to interviews and in-depth discussions about horror films, they cover a wide range of content that we think you’ll really enjoy.

This is their tongue-in-cheek original logo, which was crafted to purposefully resemble old “Tales from the Crypt”-style entertainment shows.

One of our most listened-to podcasts is The Movie Crypt with Green & Lynch, a show about filmmaking hosted by celebrated filmmakers Adam Green (Hatchet, Frozen) and Joe Lynch (Everly, Wrong Turn 2). Each week, they dive into all aspects of filmmaking as they share their tales from the trenches and chat with various celebrity guests in elaborate “filmmaker on filmmaker” discussions that are often hilarious and brutally honest. They’ve spoken with actors, comedians, producers, directors, agents, writers, editors, composers, make-up artists, cinematographers, and more. I know we may be a bit biased considering we host the podcast here at GeekNation, but we legitimately believe The Movie Crypt is one of the best resources on the internet for aspiring filmmakers and die-hard fans to get in-depth insight into the practical realities of making movies.

But it isn’t just us who think highly of the show. Here’s just one of the hundreds of e-mails we’ve received about the podcast from a listener named Mark who talks about how The Movie Crypt plays an important role in his life:

Hey Adam & Joe,

I don’t think you guys realize how important the Movie Crypt Podcast is. For someone like myself, a film-maker in South Africa, it’s so inspirational and enlightening to get first hand accounts of what it’s like in the “Hollywood trenches”, which is where a lot of us are aspiring to be. I was especially touched by the Darren Lynn Bousman episode where I could relate to what you guys were experiencing and have gone through similar experience releasing my first movie in the States and being burned. It was inspiring to know that film-makers such as yourselves (whom I admire and look up to) have to fight the same battles. Listening to that podcast has inspired me so much because I know I’m not alone out there. I truly cherish what you guys are doing and hope you continue to do so, because if it’s inspiration for me, then it’s inspiration for someone else out there in the world listening (it’s the closest we’ll come to hearing first hand from people like David Boxerbaum & Todd Farmer).

Please keep up the good work. I look forward to more podcasts!

(P.S. – Could you tell Darren Lynn Bousman that I admire his honesty and inspiration?)

I reached out to Adam and Joe about their show, and they each responded with a quote that I’d like to share with you:

Joe Lynch:

Honestly, THE MOVIE CRYPT started as an extension of our TV series HOLLISTON but quickly cross-faded into an open, honest forum on the art and business of making movies and other forms of media from other artists and celebrities in the field, straight from the front lines and trenches of Hollywood. THE MOVIE CRYPT is like INSIDE THE ACTORS STUDIO but with less blue cards and more laughs, as we’ve tried to create an entertaining and insightful podcast that serves as therapy for us and our guests as well as an “audio film school” for fans and burgeoning filmmakers alike.

Adam Green:

We originally thought of this as a short term endeavor because at the end of the day, haven’t podcasts become as common as Facebook pages? It seems like everyone has one these days so we didn’t plan on doing it for too long. However once we realized just how large and passionate our audience was becoming and how THE MOVIE CRYPT’s unique candor and honesty was bringing in not only fans of cinema but also film students and working filmmakers alike, we were kind of blown away and humbled by what we had going with this podcast. Between the wonderful generosity our industry guests who share their time and oftentimes very personal stories and our audience who consistently responds and voices their heartfelt appreciation for what we are doing, THE MOVIE CRYPT has been an extremely inspirational experience all around.

When these guys were in film school, there weren’t any podcasts or candid forums that allowed such immediate and personal access to working industry professionals. Very rarely did they get to hear relatable stories of struggle, true disappointments, and the harsh reality that is trying to make it in the entertainment industry. They created the podcast as an outlet for fans to get that kind of access, and not only that, but to hear first-hand stories of how people overcame their struggles and went on to succeed. The Movie Crypt is inspirational, and it has inspired listeners in a myriad of ways. One listener, Cody Schibi, even created a piece of fan art for the podcast:

Movie Crypt fan art

I asked GeekNation’s co-founder, film producer Brian R. Keathley, how the company came about acquiring The Movie Crypt:

Adam was in the studio as a guest on another podcast, along with his wife, Rileah, who I was already friends with. After the podcast Adam was asking about the equipment – he was looking to start one with his partner, co-star and co-host, director Joe Lynch, to help publicize their upcoming season of Holliston.

At first I just told him, don’t bother doing it yourself, dealing with podcast equipment can be a complete pain. Then I told him to just do it here in the GeekNation studio, so we can help out. After further discussion, it just ended up on our network and I couldn’t be happier – I absolutely love their podcast.

As an independent film producer, I know their stories…We’ve all lived them. Mine go all the way back to the Carnahan directed NARC. At times the stories are too unbelievable and absurd for a movie plot. There is just a certain club that one is a part of, when you’ve gone through that, when you’ve lived in those trenches. To keep on, you just have to be a fighter and that’s what those guys are…And those guys just wear it like a badge – I just love ’em!

Be sure to subscribe to The Movie Crypt on iTunes, comment on each episode here at GeekNation, and follow Adam, Joe, and their new Movie Crypt account on Twitter.

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  • I’m so happy this podcast is hitting as big as it is. Adam and Joe are great! They were the first guests we ever had on Pass The Effin’ Remote….

    • Edward T Garcia

      I heard that one too. Good job on dat!

  • Clare Kramer

    Movie Crypt is an amazing insight into the industry and a must listen for artists as they grow their craft and business. LOVE THESE GUYS!

    • Carter J Hock

      I don’t want to sound rude, but is this really Clare? If so, HI! Big fan here! Ok, thats all.

  • Roy J Evans

    My favorite podcast, hands down! Seems to be the only one out there offering up good, fun information that you can learn from, and not two guys sitting in a kitchen over a beer talking about farts. AWESOME!

  • Carter J Hock

    Actually just found this podcast today and I’m glad I did and couldn’t be happier – It’s awesome! I’ve never used the term binge-listen, but…

  • Mack D Felix

    Been listening since ep 1…F@#$ing greatest!

  • Edward T Garcia

    Fuckin greatness! I just wanna make movies, yo!