Gerard Butler and Vin Diesel Could Rescue Stalled ‘Kane & Lynch’ Feature

By November 5, 2013

Kane and Lynch

At this point, even movie fans that aren’t necessarily in the loop on video game buzz know that a big screen take on Kane & Lynch has been in the works for years now. First announced back in 2007, the big screen take on the IO Interactive/Eidos Interactive game was once set to feature Bruce Willis and Jamie Foxx in the lead roles before the iteration ultimately crumbled. At various points, directors like Simon Crane and F. Gary Gray were set to helm. Now the film appears to have new life with two potential new stars and a returning director. Level up?

THR reports that Gray is back on board to direct the film, and he could be bringing his Law Abiding Citizen star Gerard Butler with him. The outlet repots that Butler is in talks to star as Kane, the death row inmate half of the apparently wild team up, with an offer out to Vin Diesel to play Lynch, who makes up the “schizophrenic killer” half of the duo. Fun! Butler seems to be further along in negotiations, and Diesel’s involvement still has a big fat question mark on it.


The film will center on the pair, recently busted out of prison, and their quest to get a stolen fortune. Along the way, Kane and Lynch travel to locales like Los Angeles, Japan, and Cuba, and their action-heavy outings are amped up by Kane’s attempts to save his wife and daughter (from…something?). Even a video game neophyte can recognize the classic tropes at play here, and it certainly looks like the game itself is a bloody good time.

The film’s script comes from Skip Woods and Kyle Ward. While there’s no word on when the film could start shooting, the addition of a director and two possible stars will (hopefully) push it to begin soon, lest it become another one of those ongoing sagas of films never getting made while still being chattered about (sort of like now!).

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