Get Your First Look at the New Ghostbusters Car, and a Character In-Uniform

By July 8, 2015

Director Paul Feig is at it again with a brand new look at a key icon in the Ghostbusters franchise, reimagined for his upcoming film hitting theaters next year. The ECTO-1 is the old, converted ambulance that the Ghostbusters used to get around New York City and stop all of the poltergeists giving people trouble in the first two films featuring the original cast. Now, the ECTO-1 returns — albeit in a slightly different form — for Feig’s upcoming reboot of the franchise. See it in his tweet below.

One of the best parts about this is that the new car is retaining the spirit of the old one. Instead of being an ambulance, though, the women who make up the new team of Ghostbusters will be driving around in a converted hearse, which accomplishes a very similar visual aesthetic to the original ECTO-1. It’s nice to see that Feig and his new film aren’t messing with one of the franchise’s signature icons all that much, and in fact the use of a hearse might actually make the idea of the car a bit funnier.

It also gives us our first clear look at the logo that will be used in the film, which appears to be the classic, unaltered logo from the original film. That’s not all of the Ghostbusters-related revelations that hit the internet, though, as a photo taken from the set has shown Melissa McCarthy in-uniform, giving us our first look at what the characters’ costumes will look like when they’re not hanging up on a rack. See the picture below.



Ghostbusters will be released in theaters on July 22nd, 2016. For more on the film as it continues to take shape, keep it locked on GeekNation!

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