‘Ghostbusters’ International Trailer Gets More Laughs, Action, and Chris Hemsworth

By March 9, 2016

It’s not a secret that I wasn’t a huge fan of the first trailer for this year’s Ghostbusters reboot. The comedy didn’t work for me, and it looked way to much like last year’s Pixels than I would have liked. More than anything else though, it just seemed like a strange, slow trailer. Especially since it was the first real look any of us had gotten of the film.

The overall reaction to the trailer was mixed to say the least as well, but today, Sony has unveiled the new international trailer for the film, and I will say this – it’s much better than the first.

Check out the new trailer below:

As someone who was nervous about how Chris Hemsworth’s character would be handled in the film, he looks like some solid comedic relief here. It was nice to see Leslie Jones get some better jokes this time around as well, along with a few more shots of the new Ecto-1.

My biggest problem with this reboot though, is that it doesn’t look like it’s paying all that much homage to the original other than the surface details like the costumes and paranormal characters. The thing that I’ve always loved about Ghostbusters was how sarcastic and intelligent a number of its jokes were, and this looks like a completely different comedy film, hidden inside of a Ghostbusters title. Which if I’m being honest, was my biggest fear to start with.

Ghostbusters will be released on July 15th.

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