‘Ghostbusters’ Producer Says New Franchise Will Be Endless

By July 11, 2016

Much to the chagrin of the film’s haters and naysayers, Sony’s new all-female Ghostbusters reboot has been raking in some fairly positive reviews since the embargo dropped yesterday afternoon, including ours. With an after-credits scene that teases future sequel possibilities and an all-star cast to boot as well, it seems like we’re not the only ones already thinking about the future of the new Ghostbusters onscreen.

Amy Pascal, who helped shepherd this movie into existence from the get-go, recently spoke with The Hollywood Reporter at the film’s premiere in Hollywood as well, and she wasn’t shy about expressing the studio’s confidence and excitement in the new franchise.

“I have waited for this moment for a year! It’s going to be endless. People are going to love this movie so much that they’re going to demand more and more.”

Sony Pictures Chairman Tom Rothman added:

“What was going through my head this morning was, although I’ve been doing this for 30 years, I’m really a lucky guy because I was excited as hell.”

They’re certainly not wrong about having hopes for successful sequels either, as I pointed out in my review as well, that despite the movie’s flaws and issues, the cast’s chemistry and the new array of characters is so good, that it’s hard not to be excited about whatever adventure they might have together next. Especially now that their introductions and all the expositional origins have been taken care of.

Ghostbusters is set to hit theatres on July 15th.

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Alex Welch

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