Go Go! The Power Rangers Are Getting a Big Screen Reboot

By May 7, 2014

By now, the only thing that’s surprising about the Power Rangers getting a big screen reboot (and potential franchise-starter!) is that it hasn’t happened already — at this point in the remake cycle, we could even be on the second round of such a franchise, a la the Spider-Man films. But does this wholly expected and generally obvious news mean that the project has been meticulously thought-out and carefully crafted? Who knows! Power Rangers!

The new film will be developed and produced by Lionsgate and Saban Brands (the home of Haim Saban, who created the property back in 1993) and, as Variety reports, “the new film franchise is aimed at re-envisioning the Rangers, a group of teenagers chosen to protect the world from a group of alien invaders who have the ability to use super powers and pilot giant robots.” This new feature is envisioned as the first in a series, and while that news is not surprising, what is surprising to hear is what we’re not hearing — there’s not a word about this new franchise being “dark” or “gritty” or “realistic,” like so many other superhero properties who have recently taken up the Dark Knight path.

If you’ve already grown out of the Power Rangers — and, considering the series is now over twenty years old, that seems highly possible — you might not be aware that the Rangers are still powering up all over the small screen. The Power Rangers have spawned no less than twenty seasons of their show, as part of 17 different themed series (the current take on the material is called Power Rangers Super Megaforce, and it debuted back in February). So far, there have been just a pair of Power Rangers movies — Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie and Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie — but those films were released way back in 1995 and 1997, respectively.

Power Rangers

Because the Power Rangers series often switches up themes and stars, launching a brand new film series shouldn’t be too difficult. Even with all the source material to draw from, a new film could center on a whole new theme and a brand new cast, and it would still work — and that’s not something most other existing properties can boast.

There’s no word on when we can expect to see this new Power Rangers film, but with Lionsgate’s track record with big franchise (hi, The Hunger Games), it seems they’ll get this thing going with the maximum of power.

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