Gotham and Metropolis Exist, But You’ll Never Hear About Them in ‘Arrow’ or ‘The Flash’

By November 26, 2014

When “Arrow” premiered on The CW, it managed to hit the mark with fans – which then opened the door for “The Flash” reboot (which I LOVE), and my love-hate relationship with “Gotham” on FOX.


However, one thing that won’t ever happen on either CW show — despite little clues hidden here and there (like the mention of Wayne Tech in a future newspaper in “The Flash” pilot) — is any mention of Gotham or its DC Comics neighbor Metropolis (or their respective city’s crime fighters, Batman and Superman). Fans wanted to know what the deal was and so it was (obviously) brought up during a Q&A after a special advanced screening of “Arrow”/”The Flash” crossover event episode (which airs next week) and IGN was there.

When Andrew Kreisberg (executive producer for both shows) was asked this very question, he sadly had to shut it down by saying that any Batman references on the show are “a tease” and nothing more.

“Obviously, they have the Batman movies and there’s [the series] Gotham. DC are amazing partners and Geoff Johns, who’s the chief creative officer [of DC] and one of the developers of Flash and done episodes of Arrow, he’s been with us from the very beginning on both shows. There are things we can do and things we can’t. There’s the cities that we can use and then there’s everything else. I don’t think you’re going to be hearing ‘Gotham’ or ‘Metropolis’ [on Arrow or The Flash] anytime soon.”

So don’t think more about that giant “Q” you saw in that one episode of FOX’s “Gotham”


We know it’s there and that’s all we get to know…I guess.

Maybe a crossover of all four gents will happen someday, buuuuut I have a feeling it’s gonna be a LOOOOONG time until that happens.

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