Grant Gustin Says He Fully Supports Ezra Miller As The Flash

By January 22, 2016

I’m not sure anyone fully understands the thought process behind DC refusing to put any actors from their television universe into the movie universe. Sure, there are theories and opinions but nobody really knows except DC. It’s extremely hard to imagine having proof that an actor can play a character well, has fan support to play said character (which translates to box office money) and still yet doesn’t get the role.

I’m not saying Grant Gustin should have played the Flash. I’m simply stating that it’s odd for a studio not to cash in on what seems like a sure thing. Maybe it’s too difficult to keep the storylines in check between the shows and the movies. Either way; they have their reasons, but you can’t blame actors like Grant Gustin and Stephen Amell for being upset that their popular takes on the characters would not be used in the movies.

Recently, after some fans saw Ezra Miller (casted as The Flash in the DC movie-verse) talking about the character on DC’s Dawn of Justice special, it reminded them of the casting choice and they took to social media to give their thoughts. This led to people assuming that Grant himself was against Ezra playing the character. He took to twitter to clear things up:

Poor guy can’t catch a break. First he’s not allowed to reprise his role in these huge films that would surely be amazing for his career, then he has to defend “liking” some tweets. Still, he handled it in a gentlemanly way by giving Ezra his support while also saying “hell yeah, I should be playing the Flash” (my words not his) .

In all seriousness though, could you imagine the crowd reaction if towards the end of Batman V Superman Stephen Amell as Green Arrow popped up shooting kryptonite arrows at Superman? Just had to throw that out there; Arrow fans would go nuts.

What do you think, GeekNation? Should these guys be allowed to play the characters on the big screen as well? Stay tuned for more updates right here on GeekNation!


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