‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2’ Script Officially Completed

By January 13, 2016

After releasing possibly the studio’s best outing to date (open to opinion) in 2014 with Guardians of the Galaxy, Marvel is marching straight into the film’s highly-anticipated sequel, which is set for an early summer release date next year. Director James Gunn and the cast have been fairly tight-lipped about the project and its possibilities over the past few months as well, aside from some wink-at-the-camera teases and story updates. However, it looks like James Gunn has just provided a fairly important update for all of you Guardians fans out there.

The filmmaker revealed on social media today that the final draft for the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 script has been completed, after posting an image of the script’s title page, and promising to send it out to the sequel’s numerous cast members.

Check out the image below:

Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 2.08.20 PM

This announcement comes following a fairly steady stream of Guardians-related news stories from the past few weeks as well, including Kurt Russell entering into the conversation to play Star Lord’s (Chris Pratt) father in the film, who was teased and hinted at rather heavily in the first installment, and will be making his onscreen debut in the 2017 outing. No word yet on whether or not Russell will indeed sign on for the project, but there does seem to be mutual interest from both parties, and hopefully we’ll get an announcement sometime in the near future.

The director also recently revealed that the late great David Bowie had been in talks to star in a cameo role in the film, since his music played such an integral role in its predecessor, although with the artist’s recent passing the possibility of that has since gone away. The film itself will of course pick up with our favorite group of space weirdos as they journey closer and closer to meeting the Avengers in Infinity War. Or at least, that’s basically all that we know about the project at this point, in terms of both its timeline and its story progression. Hopefully they don’t run into anymore infinity stones through their adventures though because I don’t know if Quill could get his hands on one through the power of a dance battle again.

Personally, I’m just looking forward to hearing the film’s soundtrack.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is set to hit theatres on May 5th, 2017.

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