Guggenheim Blames Missing Word For ‘Arrow’ Rumors

By October 14, 2016


Writers know the importance of every single word they put to paper. Because if you’re missing just one, it could made all the difference in the world.

If Arrow showrunner Marc Guggenheim didn’t know that before this week, he absolutely knows it now. Especially as he tries to put to rest rumors that DC Entertainment is pushing him out of his job running Arrow – a rumor that started, of all places, from Guggenheim himself.

Guggenheim recently responded to a fan about how DC creative chief Geoff Johns was dealing with the negative emotions from some viewers of Arrow, worried that changes might have to come soon. Guggenheim said he was sure that Johns and others had “lobbied” to get him removed, a statement in of itself that simply inflamed those fans more, believing Guggenheim’s days were numbered.

guggenheim101416Yet, that’s not what Guggenheim meant, according to Cinema Blend.

“Obviously, this is a typo on my part. There’s a word missing from my reply. I meant to write, ‘I’m sure Geoff and a whole mess of other people have been lobbied to remove me from the show.’ ‘Been’ as in Geoff, et al., are the ones being lobbied … not doing the lobbying.

Equally obviously, Geoff is the chief creative officer at DC Entertainment. He doesn’t need to lobby when he could just make a phone call. And since we’re dealing with something appearing on the Internet – which isn’t reactionary at all – I’ll throw in one more ‘obviously’ for good measure. If Geoff, who is not only a creative partner but also a good friend, was actually in favor of me losing my job at Arrow, I wouldn’t be so stupid as to confirm that publicly.”

Arrow started out hot for The CW, but has started to make some viewers anxious over creative directions the show has taken. Although Guggenheim has said the series will look more to the first season as inspiration for the fifth season, fans are just starting to acclimate back to watching Arrow on Wednesday nights again.

Guggenheim is more of a recent addition to the comics television universe, relatively speaking. He started writing for law shows like The PracticeLaw & Order and CSI: Miami. After a quick run of a show he created, Eli Stone, Guggenheim started making his way into the geek genre, first with No Ordinary Family and then later writing the screenplay for 2011’s Green Lantern and 2013’s Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters.

He brought Arrow to the small screen in 2012, and later lent his hand to a direct spin-off, Legends of Tomorrow. Guggenheim took some flak on that show as well, which he recently addressed.

Arrow airs Wednesdays on The CW.

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