Guillermo del Toro: ‘Pacific Rim 2′ Has Not Been Cancelled

By January 12, 2016

Guillermo del Toro has been working on Pacific Rim 2 for going on thirty years now… I kid, but man does it seem like this is the movie that continues to be “still on.” After false starts, some casting news, and some comments that don’t seem to make sense, the dialogue, always, with del Toro is some form of – ‘don’t worry, it’s still happening.’

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This is getting ridiculous. The trail of breadcrumbs I was following here with our own coverage seems to always say the same thing. Can we just cut to the chase – is Guillermo del Toro, now, the ONLY one wanting a Pacific Rim 2? Because it seems the studio doesn’t really want it or it would have been put into production by now.

Maybe the fact that Legendary Entertainment was just sold to Dalian Wanda Group, a Chinese company, for upwards of $3.5 billion has reinvigorated the filmmaker and it’s a forgone conclusion, at least to del Toro, that a brand like Pacific Rim is still worth something to the new owners. In doing this digging, over at Collider, they drop data saying Pacific Rim was very popular in China. Okay. Fine. Great.

But really, del Toro seems to be the only one banging this drum. I like to pride myself on knowing what everyone is talking about in this space and more and more, I’m hearing from fans – Pacific Rim 2 is not on their list of ‘most anticipated.’ Godzilla vs King Kong seems to have taken that place far as giant monster movies are concerned.

In the end, I think it’s just as simple as del Toro loves the property and wants to make it. But it’s my professional opinion, based on all these facts, that it’s the studio that has cold feet. I don’t care how many times del Toro tweets at us about Pacific Rim 2. By my estimation, it’s not happening and until they lock in a script, actors, et al, and make the studio feel it’s worth their money, Pacific Rim 2 is merely in development until further notice. For me, as soon as say, Legendary tweets at us with some cold, hard facts, then I can update the story as “likely” rather than “unlikely.” Because it is. It is very unlikely as of now. We’ll wait and see.

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