Hackers Warning: XBOX Live & PSN to Go Down on Christmas

By December 23, 2015

As if the spoiler culture wasn’t bad enough (thank you, small group of Star Wars cannon enthusiasts for trying to ruin The Force Awakens), as members of Lizard Squad and Phantom squad (DDoS attackers) are claiming that the PSN and XBOX LIVE networks will be taken down for the second Christmas in a row.

Much to every gamers dismay, before their twitter account was disabled last week Phantom Squad claimed (via WIRED)…

“Xbox Live and PSN have millions upon millions of dollars… but do they use that money for better security? PSN and Xbox Live don’t use that money to improve their security… So until they open their eyes Xbox Live and PSN will remain vulnerable.”

Not to be out done a member of Lizard Squad released this tweet (via GamerZone) on the 18th:

There has been an awakening and unfortunately it is an immature war of obnoxious proportions. These groups, who claim that this is all for the greater good, are planning to ruin your Christmas simply because they can. Again, much like the groups spoiling Star Wars: The Force Awakens, it all comes down to a lack of maturity and a need to feel heard that is sorely misdirected. There are better ways to get the attention of Microsoft, Sony, or LucasFilm than ruining the experience for everyone else.

An 8 year old in Ohio, isn’t a security head at Microsoft. That 8 year old has been begging his parents for a year and finally…. FINALLY he (or she) rips open the wrapping paper and gets the surprise of their LIFE! Only to plug his system in and have a 300 dollar brick. What lesson are you teaching this child? None.

On the far reaches of the internet these very spoiled groups of fans, tech nerds, and anger junkies focused on raging against the machine. Parents cannot recreate that holiday surprise for their child. A 50 year old Star Wars fan cannot un-see a spoiler after a 30 year wait for a proper sequel. Once in a life time opportunities cannot be relived. These groups refuse to fight a rational fight. They would rather see you suffer and get 15 minutes of media attention, than focus their arguments towards better avenues.

So I warn everyone out there in the Nation, Christmas may be spoiled for you. I cannot say that this is for certain. All I can ask you to do is plan for your video gaming experience to be sorely limited if it does, in fact, happen. As always please be cautious out there. The internet is full of jokers. Stay away from social media if you are afraid of spoilers and have a retro system on hand just encase of network outages.

So what do you all think – are these groups fighting the good fight, or are they full of… immaturity? Sound off below.

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Cory Naught
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