‘Half Nelson’ Directors Round Out Cast of Newest Feature, Including Sienna Miller

By November 7, 2013


Though it may be hard to remember a time when Ryan Gosling wasn’t Ryan Gosling!, there was a period (way back in 2006, admittedly) when the actor wasn’t consistently turning in career-defining performances and when he wasn’t at the top of every film producer’s dream cast list. This was a weird time, a strange time, but it was indeed a time.

That all changed when Gosling was cast in filmmaker Anna Fleck and Ryan Boden’s Half Nelson as a drug addicted inner-city schoolteacher who finds his world upended when one of his young students discovers his terrible secret. Half Nelson remains one of Gosling’s finest performances, and it truly was a career-defining turn for the actor.

Boden and Fleck

Fleck and Boden are now putting together their next film, and it possible that they’ll be able to pull out a Gosling-styled jaw-dropper of a performance with their very ready cast.  A new press release from Electric City Entertainment reveals that Sienna Miller has now joined the cast of Mississippi Grind. The film already features Ryan Reynolds and Ben Mendelsohn in its lead roles, as poker players who pair up on a road trip through the South to win back some of the extensive money the older partner has lost along the way. (You may remember that Reynolds replaced Jake Gyllenhaal earlier this summer.)

Reynolds in particular is in need of a career resurgence after a string of disappointments, but Miller is also poised to break through (and soon), thanks to both her recent part in The Girl (which she was excellent in) and her upcoming role in the buzzy Foxcatcher. Could she be Fleck and Boden’s next superstar? Well, they’ve done it before.

Mississippi Grind is set to start filming in January.

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