Halloween Event Review: Delusion: Lies Within

By October 28, 2014

This is the latest in Amanda’s series of reviews of Halloween events in Southern California. Check out her reviews of Re-Animator: The Musical, the L.A. Haunted HayrideHaunted Hollywood SportsQueen Mary’s Dark HarborKnott’s Scary Farm, and ScareLA.

I have attended Delusion every year since its inception four years ago, and somehow Jon Braver (the mastermind behind Delusion) and his entire cast and crew have made the experience more immersive, terrifying, and elaborate with each passing year. As with every year prior, Delusion is not just a regular haunted house: it is a fully interactive and engaging experience unlike any other.

This year, your infatuation with revered author Elena Fitzgerald has led you to her house, but she, along with her daughter, have gone missing. With the help of a number of other Elena Fitzgerald devotees, you embark on a quest to find Elena and her daughter, but they are shrouded in darkness and hidden within her own house by the very characters she has created.

Delusion is truly the most unique and engaging of any haunted experience in Los Angeles. Last year, I described the event as “the single most impressive horror event to exist in Los Angeles.” Yet, somehow the team behind Delusion has managed to make this year’s experience the best yet. Once you enter Delusion, you become part of the story. You will have to rescue members of your group, find clues, and interact with the characters from Elena’s books, all while trying to stay alive.

The intricacies and details contained within the walls of the Fitzgerald mansion make Delusion yet again the greatest and most unique Halloween-time event you can experience. Delusion has created a genre in interactive horror theater that no one has come close to beating. The attention to detail, production value, and level of absolute excellence they have achieved is unmatched. Jon Braver and the entire cast and crew of Delusion: Lies Within should be extremely proud of what they have accomplished, as it is undeniably one of a kind, and truly an experience I will not soon forget.

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Amanda Story

Amanda Story

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