“Halo: The Poster Collection” Is A Great Way To Share Your Fandom

By February 7, 2015

Ah, Halo.

Since 2001, this first-person shooter has delighted (and rarely ever disappointed) fans with its interstellar war between humanity and those known as the “Covenant,” as well as iconic characters Master Chief, the Spartans, Noble Six, Cortana and beyond.  And now, some of these awesome memories can be yours so when you can’t PLAY Halo, you can look at these and reminisce.


Published in November, Halo: The Poster Collection is just that – a 40 page book of removable, framable posters covering ALL titles in the Halo franchise with glorious action shots, weapons, images that you’ve not seen before from Halo 2: Anniversary (which I will NOT show you), AND of course, some of your favorite characters from the multi award-winning franchise. Combine that with sharp lines and vibrant colors, fans will enjoy reliving moments from their favorite title(s) and possibly inspire someone who’s never played the game (yes, they exist) to give finally give it a try.


And before you ask, the posters ARE a nice size for a poster book with each poster measuring in at 12×16 – which means it could be a slight pain in the butt to have framed but as the book itself rings in at $25, collectors won’t be faced with sticker shock should they decide to buy two (one unsealed and the other framing, using tacks, use as coffee table book, etc).


Although the posters are made from sturdy stock (so no tears when you remove from book), my only real complaint is because each page is double-sided, so you’ll be forced to “Sophie’s Choice” which side you’re going to display on the wall – which is HARD because every image chosen by Microsoft and 343 are just stunning — but I’ve a feeling that’s why the book costs what it costs…so fans won’t have to make those hard decisions.


AND if you’d like to keep track of your heroic battles, collect phone numbers or the like with a bit of UNSC flair, publisher Insight Editions also has a beautiful hardcover journal with lined pages, elastic band closure, cloth bookmark AND a back cover pocket for you to hide pics, plans, etc. Not bad for $19.


So whether you’ve got a Halo fan in your life or are a fan yourself, I deem these two items worthy enough for any collection.

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