Harrison Ford Injured By The Millennium Falcon on ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’ Set

By June 12, 2014

Shooting on Star Wars: Episode VII is under way at Pinewood in the UK (check out a recent photo from the set here), and THR reports that Harrison Ford was injured today on the set and taken to a local hospital to receive treatment. Here’s the official statement from Disney:

Harrison Ford sustained an ankle injury during filming today on the set of Star Wars: Episode VII. He was taken to a local hospital and is receiving care. Shooting will continue as planned while he recuperates.

The Hollywood Reporter’s sources tell them Ford “was injured by the door of the Millennium Falcon,” whatever that means. The dude is 71 years old now and not quite as nimble as he used to be, so we hope he recovers soon. This reminds me of when Robert Downey Jr. injured his ankle while shooting Iron Man 3, an incident which inspired the actor to make grand statements about the future of his career and led many to believe he was talking about walking away from the Tony Stark character.

Ford was outspoken in wanting Han Solo to be killed off in the original trilogy to give Return of the Jedi some emotional weight, but the toys were too profitable and that didn’t happen. Similar to Bill Murray in Ghostbusters 3, he’s joked about only returning to the franchise if they killed his character off. We still don’t know what Ford, Fisher, and Hamill’s involvement with Star Wars will be past Episode VII, but it’s not hard to see Ford wanting to make this his last time out if he keeps getting busted up like this. We’ll have to wait and see what Disney/Lucasfilm have planned for Han Solo’s future, and how much money they’re willing to dump in Ford’s lap to get him to return again.

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