Harrison Ford Talks About ‘Indiana Jones 5’ and the Young Han Solo Movie

By March 22, 2016

Last week, it was announced that Disney and Lucasfilm would be producing a fifth installment in the Indiana Jones franchise, with Harrison Ford returning as the lead role and Steven Spielberg directing. Despite what happened last time the Indiana Jones franchise returned to the big screen as well, after seeing how well Ford reprised his role of Han Solo in The Force Awakens last year, it’s hard not to be optimistic about this next outing from the Indy duo.

With The Force Awakens set to hit blu ray and DVD early next month as well, Ford appeared recently on both Jimmy Kimmel Live! and Ellen to talk about the film, his farewell to Han Solo, why he’ll be returning to the Indiana Jones franchise, etc. etc.

Also, what would his advice be for the Young Han Solo actor? It’s pretty simple actually… Check out the interviews below:

I’m sorry, but I don’t think I’m ever going to get sick of this newly playful, slightly confused Harrison Ford we’re starting to see in interviews now. He looks genuinely excited to be playing Indiana again here, although any fans of the actor won’t really be surprised considering his well-known love of the franchise. It also serves as a fairly healthy reminder of what the Young Han Solo actor is going to have to live up to whenever they get the job, no matter who it ends up being.

Indiana Jones 5 will hit theatres on June 19th, 2019. The Young Han Solo movie will be released on May 25th, 2018.

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