Has ‘The Walking Dead’ Already Cast This SPOILER Character?

By November 5, 2015

(Warning: This post will contain possible spoilers for The Walking Dead Season 6.)

The Walking Dead has had its fair share of impressive villains and conflicts over the seasons, with The Governor coming to mind almost instantly of course. However, fans of the original Walking Dead comic book have been anxiously awaiting for the series to reach a certain point in the comics, when perhaps the series’ most terrifying villain named Negan was finally introduced. This season finally caught up with this specific moment from the source material, so while the series is currently keeping viewers occupied with its current main mystery, fans of the comic books know that there might be more dangerous things coming for our lead group of characters than just the usual horde of Walkers.

There have been rumors regarding Negan’s introduction into the live-action show for some time now, and while the cast members and creator Robert Kirkman have kept their lips sealed as tight as possible, it seems like the general consensus among fans is that the character will be introduced to viewers in the season 6 finale, but nobody quite knows who could be playing the iconic character.

Looks like the search may finally be over though, thanks to some new evidence provided by a Deadwood actor.

Garret Dillahunt has become a familiar name for TV fans over the years, through his work on shows like the previously mentioned Deadwood (where he played two villains), Justified, Raising Hope, and more, and he’s recently been on the receiving end of some serious Negan speculation after he tweeted out the following photo of The Walking Dead Compendium Three, which is coincidentally the compendium that features the introduction of the villainous character.

It should also be noted that both one of the show’s stars Alanna Masterson and Dead showrunner Scott Gimple recently followed the actor, and since the latter only follows about 300 people on Twitter, it seems like he might be fairly picky about who he chooses to get updates from. Taking the time of this tweet into account though, as well as the rumors that filming for Negan’s introduction will start this week, it all seems just a bit too coincidental to shrug off at this point.

It is possible that this could just be pure speculation and Dillahunt tweeted out that photo because he’s merely a fan of the series, or it is possible that he could be playing a different character from the comics, with several pointing out that he would make a good onscreen Dwight as well. At this point though, we know that Negan’s coming, so while the creative team are busy keeping viewers focused on Glenn’s fate for the moment, it’s clear that some crazy things are about to come to The Walking Dead by the time this season ends, and one of them will almost certainly be that dreaded, barbed wire baseball bat with a thirst for blood.

The Walking Dead airs every Sunday night on AMC.

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