‘Haven’: Eric Balfour Teases Seasons 5 and 6 & Duke’s Haircut at the Saturn Awards

By June 27, 2014

Last night I hit the red carpet for the Saturn Awards and got a chance to chat with Eric Balfour who plays Duke on Syfy’s “Haven.” The show is currently filming both Seasons 5 and 6 concurrently and will return this fall. In a strange twist, I did Balfour’s makeup on a film called Do Not Disturb a few years ago! Check out what he has to say about what’s coming and the big visual change for Duke.

GeekNation: It’s so crazy that you’re filming both seasons at the same time!

Eric Balfour: Yeah, it was really a function of production costs and they decided the cost of shooting two seasons back to back [was better]. It was cool that Syfy was willing to make that kind of commitment. So we’re excited.

GeekNation: Is there anything you can tease?

Eric Balfour: I just teased that my character cut his hair! [laughs] It’s pretty huge! What can I tease? I can tease that we are going to meet even another version of Audrey (Emily Rose). I can tease that Duke is going to become something that he never thought was possible, in a good way.


GeekNation: Syfy has changed a lot and you’ve been working with them a long time. How has it morphed?

Eric Balfour: Yeah, for five years! It’s interesting. In a good way, we were really one of the first shows that were part of the new move from the network to be a little more sophisticated and a little more dedicated to the quality of the shows. Now you’re really seeing it. All their shows are really interesting and smart. It’s getting interesting to see them moving in some ways away from the genre-y kind of popcorn movie-of-the-week thing they did. Now you’re seeing these amazing writers and directors and creators wanting to do shows on this network. It’s cool!

GeekNation: Would you ever want to direct an episode?

Eric Balfour: I want more than anything in the world to direct. I love directing, but unfortunately on this show, you have to be Canadian to direct or have some sort of Canadian citizenship. But I would love to direct more. I’m going to direct, hopefully, some episodes of shows I’m creating, and hopefully Syfy will be gracious enough to let me direct one of their other shows!

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Jenna Busch
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  • Gary Kite

    We’re watching the first new episode of the new season and I can’t stop staring at Dukes hairline. Is that his real hair? The line between his forehead and hairline doesn’t look very natural. Otherwise, enjoying this episode so far.

  • Karen Jacobi

    Love this guy! I’ve just watched seasons 1-4 on Netflix, and this granny has grown to love the Duke character as well as enjoying the growth of Eric as an actor. Those eyes….

  • Kim Williams

    Love Haven, I’ve loved Eric since Six Feet Under but I miss the longer hair!

  • Jessica Stefan

    I really enjoy Haven. It’s one of my favorite shows. I really like that Duke has a trouble and can’t wait to see what happens with his character from here. I’ve been a fan of Eric Balfour since Kids Incorporated and love watching anything he’s in.
    I think everyone has done a great job that worked on this show. I also think that Emily Rose has done an awesome job, with as many different characters she portrayed.
    I hope there are many more seasons of Haven and again thanks for such a wonderful show.
    One last thanks to Syfy for making Haven possible.

  • Door1

    I love Haven! Duke is my favorite character.