HBO About To Sign ‘Game of Thrones’ For Seasons 7 AND 8

By January 8, 2016

First we find out that season 6 will descend its wonderful darkness upon us on April 24th, and now according to THRGame of Thrones is about to lock down both seasons 7 and 8!

The deal seems likely to happen as a formal announcement is expected soon. Apparently the central cast members had signed for a hefty pay raise to stay on after initially signing for a six season deal back in 2014.

This would be the second time HBO has doubled down on the show as they signed up for both seasons five and six that same year. One huge question still remains, however.

Is season eight going to be the end?

It’s extremely difficult for shows not to wear out their welcome when we get this far down the line. That being said Game of Thrones is un-rivaled in their far ranging scope and constant surprise. You can’t ever become a complacent watcher knowing they’ll kill your favorite character in a heartbeat without even considering how you feel about it. This show is the television equivalent to the Joker. It just wants to watch the world burn.

Who knows whats going to happen to our beloved violent nudity fest of wonder? Hell, I wouldn’t put it past these guys to straight up buy a season eight and then kill it off just to piss us off (and we’d love them for it).

Stay tuned to GeekNation for more updates! Oh, and don’t forget Winter is coming. Seriously.

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