‘Hell or High Water’ Trailer Reveals The Newest Film From the ‘Sicario’ Writer

By May 12, 2016

When I spoke with Ben Foster back in January about Hell or High Water (which then had the much better title of Comancheria), he promised that the film would kick major ass (I’m paraphrasing of course). Coming from director David Mackenzie, also starring Jeff Bridges and Chris Pine, from a script written by Sicario writer Taylor Sheridan as well, it had all the making of living up to that promise.

Now, the first official trailer for the movie has been released, and it seems laced with the same kind of tight, crime storytelling and tension that was ever so present in Sicario, making Hell or High Water* a film worth putting on your radar now.

Check out the trailer below:

Following a divorced dad (Pine) and his ex-con brother (Foster) as they hatch a desperate crime scheme to save their family’s West Texas farm, Hell or High Water looks like a suitable follow-up film for Mackenzie, coming off of his exceptional, but greatly underrated Starred Up. Bridges looks like he’s playing his usual, grumbling Western hard ass here as well, which is never a bad thing (unless your movie is called R.I.P.D.), but it looks like the film may be an even better showcase for Pine and Foster, two of the industry’s most under-appreciated actors.

I was already looking forward to Hell or High Water before I even saw this trailer, and now that I’ve seen a bit of what the movie looks like, all it’s done is gone up higher on my most anticipated movies of the year list.

(*Still hate that title.)

Hell or High Water is set to hit theatres on August 12th.

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