Here Are The 5 Best Rumors About The New iPhone

By August 16, 2013

apple-iphone-eventWell would you look at that, there’s another big Apple iPhone event coming! The tech rumor mill is abuzz with speculation regarding the new smartphone iteration. I’ve sifted through and found the 5 best new iPhone rumors.

Let’s explore some of those rumors, shall we?

The New Model Names – iPhone 5S and 5C


It was pointed out recently by this Japanese blog that Apple’s next two iPhone models will be the iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5C. This rumor has been going around for a while now. Apple has been a creature of habit, and so far they’ve kept the same naming methods for the previous smartphone models, so one would assume the next flagship model would be the iPhone 5S. The iPhone 5C has a lot of speculation surrounding it. Hell, look at that picture above! It’s supposed to be evidence of the upcoming model but the packaging itself looks shady. Still, Apple has pulled out all the stops before with their announcements so I wouldn’t put it past them to bring something like this to the table.

Again With The Budget iPhone


While we’re talking about the iPhone 5C, we might as well divulge a bit into what this model would prospectively be. There have been talks in the past about a budget iPhone that has never seen the light of day. Sure, it’s a great idea! Maybe if they were a bit cheaper, my mother would finally get one (yet she doesn’t know how to text). Images have been leaked illustrating a new iPhone with plastic backing that also gives sort of a throwback vibe to the Apple IIc. And while this is not concrete proof this announcement will happen, there are multiple news sources running the story of this possible new iPhone 5C (c is for color, not cheap). If the budget iPhone is happening, that’d be a smart move for Apple as affordable Android smartphones are taking over the smartphone market.

A Golden iPhone?


A golden iPhone? Seriously? Possibly! New photos of the elusive gold iPhone 5S have just popped up over at the French site MacBoutic. This isn’t the first time images like this have appeared online. KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the supplier of many accurate tidbits regarding Apple’s upcoming plans, has officially stated that the new 5S model will be available in gold. There have been conflicting reports as some sites are referring to the color as more of a “Champagne,” but whatever, you get the point!

A Fingerprint Scanner?!


Sometimes it’s difficult to remember we live in the year 2013 as there are still no flying cars, hover boards or replicants. But then information leaks about a possible fingerprint scanner in the new iPhone 5S model slated to be announced next month. This info comes from the Apple rumor site 9to5Mac and quotes an iPhone developer who cracked into a leaked version of the beta version of iOS7. This software includes a folder titled “BiometricKitUI” which apparently is some kind of input that utilizes a user’s fingerprint. Further, this folder mentions “fingerprint status,” and describes a scan that entails a user touching the home button with their thumb. It’s further speculated that the biometric fingerprint scanner is meant to unlock the phone. How awesome would this be if it were true? It just may be, even though this is still pure speculation, as Apple did buy Authentec last year and that company builds fingerprint sensors and encryption technology.

September 10th Is The Day


September 10th is the day, by all accounts, that the new Apple product unveiling will happen. AllThingsD first mentioned the date last weekend and then The Loop’s Jim Dalrymple stepped in and confirmed the info. It’s expected we will see the improved iPhone 5S model alluded to above, as well as this highly-speculated-about iPhone 5C. Also, keep a look out for the iOS7 update that will officially launch during or shortly after the event. Also, it looks like there may be some new iPad news coming, but we shall see. The 10th will fall on a Tuesday so, if you’re one of “those” people, be prepared to call out sick now!

What iPhone rumor are you most excited about? Text me the info below.

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