Highlander Reboot Will Mark Return Of Connor MacLeod

By February 12, 2017

Because everything old is new again, a reboot of the Highlander franchise seemed inevitable.

John Wick: Chapter Two director Chad Stahelski is on board for the film, but how it will approach the series remains a mystery.

Now, however, we know the lead character of the original 1986 film – Connor MacLeod, played then by Christopher Lambert – will at least make an appearance.

The character is part of a group of immortal warriors – the kind of which “there can be only one,” as the series’ catchphrase goes – and has emerged as the most consistent hero throughout the franchise. Highlander: The Series and other extensions of the films introduced other members of the MacLeod clan, leaving it a lingering question which route the reboot will take.

Stahelski has proven with the John Wick films (the first of which he co-directed with David Leitch) how well he can handle elaborate fight choreography. Now, courtesy of Screen Rant, we have learned that fans will get to see the filmmaker’s approach to action applied to the original Highlander lead.

“Yes, Connor MacLeod will make a comeback. Right now we’re in creative development, which means when I was brought onboard there was an idea. I brought a different idea, so we’re trying to flesh that out and find the right creative team to put pen to paper and make this come true.”

Based on Stahelski’s comments, it sounds like the reboot still has quite a while to go before the cameras roll. His reference to bringing a “different idea” indicates Connor MacLeod may not always have been a part of the project, which makes sense. Rather than regurgitating the past, the reboot could just as easily have focused on a modern-day MacLeod.

Yet, longtime fans of the series are likely relieved to hear that Connor will play some role.

However, at this stage it’s still unclear whether Connor will be the lead of the reboot or simply make a cameo appearance. Lambert is still active and more than capable of taking part in the production, should he be asked. More than likely, Stahelski hopes to start anew with a younger actor taking on the role originated by Lambert more than 30 years ago.

We’ll have to wait and see what Connor’s “comeback” entails as the Highlander reboot inches forward.

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