Amazing Lord Of The Rings Behind The Scenes Photos

By December 19, 2012

Officially deemed #HobbitWeek, top Tolkien fansite has posted a link to an imgur site run by StupidFatHobbit that has 88 pics of behind the scenes goodness from Lord Of The Rings trilogy (which had a combined budget of $281 million and grossed $2.92 BILLION worldwide)…I’ve pulled some choice cuts for you to view below!

Peter Jackson, Ian McKellen and Orlando Bloom start a boy band.

Jackson, Brad Dourif and Christopher Lee

Peter Jackson, Ian McKellen and Elijah Wood checking out play back in “video village.”

Even Ringwraiths need shade…

Grr…I’m a giant!

Gandalf in small, medium and extra large.

“Make more Orcs and when you’re done with that, go see if Sheila’ll give us a cup of sugar for tea”

Andy Serkis DESERVES an Academy Award, damn it.

Hobbit feetses.

Dominic Monaghan, Ian McKellen and Billy Boyd.

Elijah and Ian relaxing between takes.

Rivendell miniature set

Next year’s Christmas card.

There’s SO many more of these tasty images (88, to be exact) for you to drool over, so I suggest you head on over to StupitFatHobbit’s imgur page and scroll until you’re ready for elevenses!

So far, The Hobbit has grossed $84.8 million since it’s December 14th release (a record-setting opening better than the three previous “Lord of the Rings” films) and is now playing in theaters nationwide.

You should go.

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