Hollywood’s Next Reboot? The ‘Underworld’ Franchise

By August 28, 2014

In news about things that just won’t die, it looks like Hollywood’s most weirdly enduring vampires versus werewolves (sorry, lycans) franchise (that’s its own genre, right? it has to be by now) is getting a second life. Or some new blood. Or any other snappy metaphor that applies to reboot a movie series about immortal bloodsuckers and dangerous shapeshifters.

The Hollywood Reporter shares that Lakeshore Entertainment is going great (silver bullet-shooting) guns on a new version of the series, with Cory Goodman on board to write the script for the latest (and, we have to assume, also the first in a planned series) feature.

There’s no word on what we can expect to see from this new film — is it a straight reboot? more of a reimagining? will it fit in with Len Wiseman’s original series? — but it’s still early days, so there’s plenty of time to learn more. Goodman has only penned one film, but that particular feature (the Paul Bettany-starring Priest) speaks to the kind of stylized, fairy tale-ish violence that the Underworld series is known for. It sounds like a fine fit. Goodman is also working on the script for Breck Eisner’s upcoming The Last Witch Hunter, which is, well, about exactly what it sounds like it’s about: modern witch hunters. Hey, the guy seems like a genre dude. That’s comforting.

Kate Beckinsale stars as Selene in UNDERWORLD: EVOLUTION

It’s also unclear if Wiseman will return to direct the feature, or if we can expect to see star Kate Beckinsale back in her werewolf-killing catsuit, but it certainly seems possible that Wiseman could go behind the camera again and that Beckinsale could pop up in a cameo.

IMDb lists a little feature called Underworld: Next Generation on its pages, but it doesn’t provide any information beyond bare necessities. However, it does list a “rumor” that Underworld: Awakening star India Eisley could star as Eve, which makes sense with the “next generation” tag, as Eve is the daughter of Beckinsale’s (vampire) Selene and Scott Speedman’s (lycan-vampire hybrid) Michael. That’s pretty next generation, so it doesn’t seem wild to assume this “reboot” will fit into the existing Underworld world, but with all-new characters.

The Underworld franchise kicked off in 2003 with the Beckinsale-starring Underworld (nice and simple), eventually growing to include four films (including one prequel that traced the roots of the war between the vampires and the lycans). The series has made over $450m worldwide, so it should come as little surprise that anyone wants to continue its profitable lineage.

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